Agnetha - Where Do We Go From Here? and A+

I've surreptitiously tried listening as I'm at work, but it sounds like a cheap ass bossa nova track slapped on it.
That snippet doesn't sound very promising, but then I don't like the original all that much either.
I have entered the competition to go to that exclusive listening party even though there's not a chance she'll actually be there. The FOMO would just be absolutely horrendous if she were.

God, having to sit through this and fake enthusiasm though...
My pre-order should qualify me for an entry, but I'm actually kind of dreading the possibility of winning and the FAFF of arranging it for the likely pay off.

Perhaps Eloffson may be there, but that hardly excites.
I would like to know how the concept of re-recording her last album as a contemporary pop album led to this LOUNGE COVER?
Despite what the credits say, I'm glad she got Matthew Marsden to re-record Gary's bits.
Two of the biggest betrayals in my life -

Agnetha and Gary Barlow
Kylie and James Corden
Oh dear.

Not sure why this version has been mixed (at all) so that she sound like Barlow's backing singer.
The fact that this is the one that’s been chosen to sell the rest of the album is absolutely terrifying.

Surely even Radio 2 won’t touch this.
#133 and #161 on iTunes

It's a largely unfavourable response in the murky world of Abba social media. My favourite comment was someone saying the album should have been called A-.
Dance Your Pain Away and Perfume In The Breeze released today - I hadn't read they were coming, so I wonder if it's an attempt at damage limitation after the reception to I Should Have Followed You Home.

I don't think Dance Your Pain Away is as bad as I feared it would be, although the poppers aloft aspect is ripped away in favour of a PNAU-lite sound.

Perfume In The Breeze isn't a bad new take at all, but it's a song it's difficult to get excited about in the first place.
Vernon Kay played When You Really Loved Someone at approx 11.25, if anyone is inclined to listen.

It's crap - like drum and bass done in elevator muzak style.
Much was made of Elofsson's credits before A, but looking at the years since, his credits are hardly glowing, three Celine tracks from 2019 aside. And I don't think I ever listened to that album to know if they were any good.


I find it utterly bizarre that this is even happening. It feels like it’s a cash grab, but surely they could have just deluxed it a lot cheaper. It’s just ODD!
Three star review from Retro Pop - but 4 stars must be about their average.

There's also about 11 pages on the album in the magazine, but NOTHING new from the woman herself :D
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Hopefully she'll have a listen and decide she has to pump out another album to make sure this one isn't her last.
The whole thing just feels woefully misguided.
I don't think a remix album for her, of that album, was a good idea in the first place - and then attaching one new song to sell it.

And the execution of it is a whole other problem.
Hopefully she'll have a listen and decide she has to pump out another album to make sure this one isn't her last
Wishful thinking, surely?

I'm sure that Elofsson would have jumped at the idea of doing a new album with her, but that she clearly wasn't up for it. So we get one song that she presumably didn't even want to do a video for.

In the Retro Pop interview Eloffson says that although she didn't record any other new vocals, she was involved in the recording process in terms of what she wanted it to sound like, but you have to question the active involvement.

All the promo photos we've had so far (and there aren't that many) are by Kicki Eloffson who people are assuming is Jörgen's wife - so I wouldn't be surprised if that was a case of Agnetha throwing a few different jumpers in a bag before she went over to the studio to sign off on the remixes. It doesn't even look particularly as if she had her hair done first.

I find it hard to think that she's particularly interested in this project at all. It's his baby - she just features in it.
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Absolutely wishful thinking and I don't think it's likely to happen. I can't see her involvement being much more than what you've suggested.
Even as a "let's just make a quick buck by remixing some songs" project, you'd think a remixed greatest hits would be the obvious option.
The remix EP for Frida's IKTSGO in 2015 was hardly groundbreaking, but it didn't sound so horribly cheap and devoid of ideas.

She missed a trick without an animated video, though.
Never in the history of pop music has something so blatantly NOT happened:

“Suddenly it hit me, what would the album sound like if we had made it today? I couldn’t stop thinking about it,” says Fältskog. “I reached out to the boys who produced ‘A’ back in 2013 – ‘What would you guys think about reimagining ‘A’ and making a totally new version of it?’. They loved the idea! ‘Let’s try!’”
OK thank god, this one is clearly what they were attempting to get at with the whole album. It’s been executed fairly well and I can see why it’s at the front of the tracklist:

I don't like that much to be honest, but yes, it's not as hopeless as some, and you can get a sense of them actually trying something with it.

I was going to listen to the whole thing at midnight, but decided I couldn't face it. I'll have to endure it enough over the next few weeks anyway.

Now, must make sure I've disabled scrobbling on his phone before he gets up tomorrow...

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