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    Yes me too! I loved how it was possible for a pink sheep to evolve into... that. The possibilities of Pokemon, eh.
    I must say I am LOVING the avatar. Is that a new evolution or altered form of the pokemon Ampharos?!
    It sounds too good to be true. We could do some church concerts too and maybe hospital wards. A little inappropriate perhaps but then, IS IT? Why should it be? Is it a conspiracy? Who are we?

    I need to take a while to think these questions through.
    I think you might be onto something. A stroke of genius perhaps. We could do a few intimate gigs performing Heidi Suicidi on a constant loop but add a few art installations and some multimedia to the experience too - you know, REAL ART?
    I completely agree. In response to the song, she will just say (in a low whisper with a creepy smile & a tear in her eye) 'It's art'

    It IS art though isn't it? I mean COME ON.
    LOVE THAT. Amazing for a chorus, here's my idea for first verse:

    Heidi was a little girl, she loved to paint she loved to twirl,
    her moma said she'd be alright, but heidi knew she had to fight
    from the stairwell, at the top, she threw her arms and began to drop,
    at the bottom where she lay, suicidi, had her day

    It's a winner if you ask me. What are you thinking for the instrumental?
    Ww can stop in Iceland but I'd feel like a traitor to my Tesco home. Come with me to rural Iceland. We can picnic.
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