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  • this is the third time i've come back here to post the comment below again. COME BACK!!!
    It is disco artiste Wardell Piper - check out Super Sweet and Captain Boogie. I just like the album cover really, though it may be time for a change soon.

    Not on Facebook I'm afraid. I'm very behind the times in that way.
    fetch! i keep meaning to ask who's in your avatar, it's fabulous!
    also if you're on facebook i'd love to be your friend
    As for me leaving, rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated (by myself - I just been having a lot of stress just now) but I shall maybe stick around - if not on as much.

    I have a facebook and stuff anyway, but your music topics are always great and insightful.
    Do you think your Dusty top 50 should be moved to Moopy lists? It's not mine :D but I'm itching to do a mod request. :bad:

    A "fresh" Dust topic should be started.. and I just hope that one gets archived cause I will be traumatised if it gets lost in a crash
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