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  • Ooh that looks tempting, but I wish they'd release something a bit more completist. That's missing the 6 Léaud films, Adele, Bride and so on. Still, there's 3 there I haven't yet seen. I've been slowly making my way through Bresson & Bergman as of late, or I should say that's the goal as I'm only 4 films in.
    Yeah he's great - handsome, good director / screenwriter, and very likeable in interviews. Hope you've been well.
    I think I will have to wait for the DVD, unless I brave Peterborough *shudder*

    The latest message on true-to-you is pretty gloomy. I think we may have to accept we may never see him live again :( Though surely he could do the odd one-off date rather than continuing to attempt full-blown tours!

    Johnny Marr live was pretty good - even though the album wasn't amazing, it was great to hear the Smiths songs he did, especially How Soon Is Now!
    OMG! Why the feck is there no London though?? I can't get to any of those places very easily :( Are you going?
    At the other end of the spectrum there's also Dutch schlager star Frans Bauer, who's exactly ten years older than me (to my knowledge there is no-one even close to his genre in the British music scene - a sort of European equivalent of the utmost rube-like trailer park country with the most basic of lyrics).

    Never seen Turks Fruit, only know Rutger whipped his cock out for it. But then it wouldn't be a Dutch film if someone didn't, of course :basil:
    I'm really not a film buff, sorry to say, haven't set foot in a cinema for years. Though I do like to stretch out to a good DVD/blu ray from time to time. Watched The Breakfast Club the other night and didn't get bored but not quite (yet) Top 10 flims of all-time material either. The Brian character is probably closest to me :shy: Did have a little scare watching Judd Nelson and Ally Sheedy in the featurette on the Brat Pack - they've lived a hard life :bruised:

    I actually didn't know Emilio Estevez beforehand and was surprised to see in the end credits he's the one playing the blond Arian athlete type - hadn't expected that from his Latin name! :o [/bigot]
    I was a bit obsessed with High Art some ten years ago, back when I had a crush on Radha Mitchell, one of the select few females who could 'turn' me. I've only ever seen Patty Clarkson in this and in Six Feet Under as the sister of Ruth Fisher - best casting EVAH!
    It's been years since I first (and last) saw that one. You've just inspired me to order the brand new Blu Ray edition! Did sume umm'ing and ahh'ing trying to find a second Blu Ray that you can get cheaper when you get one - in the end I've gone for The Breakfast Club, which I've never seen but seems like eighties heritage pop culture no matter what. Pity they don't have Heathers though. I recently ordered that one off play.com (along with the divine Clueless :toyah: ), and about NINE weeks later I got a mail saying they're all out and it's impossible to get new stock :evil:
    Naw, can't be bothered to go all the way up to Manc, am hoping he'll do a London show soon... the "ONLY UK SHOW THIS YEAR" thing did turn out to be a big fat lie last time round, so we'll see!
    Lambert's new album did debut at #1 here but it had quite low sales and no hit single (yet). The album itself is quite solid, "Shady" is really good (it's featuring Sam Sparro and Nile Rogers) but I still think the debut is much better overall even if it does lack the direction of his second album.
    Really? I'm a total geek. Feel free to comment on anything you see in that thread! I am grateful for the interest!
    Indeed it is! His latest album is actually rather great, almost as good as the pictures in the booklet. And not sure I agree about Phillip squared, he looks ILL
    HIYA! I don't own every US Top 40 so no. I also detest their music from 1990 onwards but I take your point about 60 - 80 probably being better. I have records of their chart back to 1890. I wanted to collect all their #1s but pre-1940 you're so fucked.
    Wow, a relic of the Interweb Stone Age! :o

    knocking Madonna (insert many side remarks here)
    >out of that position, which she only held for one week with "Like

    Especially nice to see that people weren't above "Tee hee hee KLUNK"-tastic 'puns' to get an 'artist X is better than artist Y' point across back then either :basil:

    For someone like Madonna, on the other hand, who sells records to kids
    who like the sugar-coated crap they hear on the radio, the record rises
    in the British charts slowly, then drops out slowly. And in a couple of
    years is totally forgotten (thank goodness!).

    Thank goodness indeed :disco:
    Ooh glad you enjoyed it. I have a ticket for Brixton! Have just come back from holiday to find out he's been being a silly old twat again... booting David Tseng out of a concert he'd flown across the world to see, and barring him from concerts for life! Has he finally gone completely mental? Oh well, we fools will keep giving him our money regardless...
    If he'd played London I'd have been all over it! But no. Grumpy old bastard. Yeah not driving is a shitter sometimes :(
    I may try and develop the willpower to listen to those new songs over the weekend, but I'm not very hopeful :D
    I haven't listened to them yet AND I'm not going to any tour dates! Flop loon :( They are all bloody UP NORTH though or other rubbish hard-to-get-to places. Did you go to any of the SCOTCH ones? I guess not if you haven't heard the new songs... assuming he's been playing them already.
    I shall have to give that topic a good read. My own (slightly less sophisticated) all-time Top 505 songs/Top 202 albums is still here, though as ever a work in progress.

    That Das Pop track is indeed great. Back from their obscurist indie days, years before their long-due commercial breakthrough in 2009/10 with Top 10 hit "Never Get Enough", AKA the even perkier little brother of Alphabeat's "Fascination". Their latest album The Game may not be top-shelf all the way through, though there's some gems which actually manage to make me proud to be a Belgian like the title track and the ABBA-esque Gold. :disco: "I Lie and I Cheat" is of course one of the great Belpop classics of all time (#360 in my own list, for the eagle-eyed viewer). One of the most poignant, relatable English lyrics ever written by a Dutch-speaker and you can't argue with THAT vocal by the lovely Bea! (who stills pops up in TV panels every now and then)
    Also, I finally got me the Gainsbourg biopic DVD. It's certainly better than the reviews had led on, though it's a bit grim to watch knowing what would happen to the actress playing Jane Birkin... Also a bit disappointed they didn't try to re-enact THAT Whitney Houston interview :toyah:

    Do you know Jo Lemaire's 1982 synthpop reading of "Je suis venu te dire que je m'en vais"? Which Serge himself considered the definitive version, apparently :o Another bonafide Belgian classic which you may or may not already know: "Lena" by 2 Belgen, one of THE ultimate eighties anthems to come out of the Low Countries, if not the entire European continent!
    Yes, "Love Me Just a Little Bit More" (with all-important bracketed subtitle "Totally Hooked on You", as that was its original title on the album :geek: ), Number One on the Dutch Top 40 the day I was born actually!

    Don't mind me a bit of Luv' myself - owning the 4CD box set with their complete works and a DVD full of TV performances :shy: Having said that, I do get aural diabetes listening over three tunes of theirs in a row, they work much better scattered at random across the iPod shuffle! Their crowning moment is of course "Trojan Horse", with random bagpipers thrown in for good measure. :scottish: And of course the filth-tastic line "the gates are not yet open, so the horse cannot come in" - I wonder how many of their pre-teen fans at the time got THAT subtext!
    Partly you, partly true. I guess I could happily go through a lifetime (well, say, three months) of not hearing dated infantile nursery rhymes like "Radio" or "Hela-Di-Ladi-Lo" or Mel & Kim-reject SAW leftovers like "What a Night" again, but I will always have a soft spot for "Trick of the Eye" and "All the Roses". The former is truly Xenomania/Girls Aloud 20 years before their time (how typical it was one of their smallest chart hits :() and the latter is what ABBA would have sounded like in 1982 if they hadn't gone all bitter dark New Pop on us.

    Also, hello again! Must be the first time in 2011 I spot you online :o
    oh man, more snow? my heart goes out to you. you need to move daaahn saarf darl. I hope your cold gets better soon - I have just recovered from one and I felt so goddamn sorry for myself. Get on the vitamin c tablets and you'll be on top of the world before you know it.

    You haven't missed much of late...nothing like some of the escandalos that we've had before have happened. She says, like she's been here solidly over the last few months.Well, nothing big's happened that I know of. What have you been up to?

    vampire weekend's drummer is hot. I have a bit of a crush on charlie bewley at the moment. he is in the twilight films, so that's kind of a vampire link to vampire weekend. even if his job sucks, I WOULD. xxx
    Yeah :D! I mean the resemblance is just UNCANNY isn't it? How ironic is it that out of everyone here the bitch includes a funky lookalike? also a very gay one :disco:
    I like the odd song on the radio once every few months but anymore than that and I start punching innocent people in the face. It's not pretty. Why do you ask?

    How are you MY DARLING? X
    loomy, say hey. I never see you post any more
    Well, Robert Redford was revered for his looks more than his talent in the 60's & the 70's (until the late 70's/early 80's when he first got praised) , much like Brad Pitt was during the '90s & the 2000's. :p It's all in good fun lately. :angel:

    He's who I think of as the ultimate blonde leading man, atleast after the "studio era" of Hollywood anyway. :p
    Getting there loom, I'm planning on reviewing my first batch at the weekend, I have almost as many again after that. It's TOO MUCH *club breakdown*
    Nay, not a single cinema in my home town played the Gainsbourg film. I would have had to go to Brussels for it, but the nearly uniformly disparaging reviews put me off.

    I've been tempted towards the DVD, but that too has been rated all of one star. Am I missing out?
    Unavailable videos on youtube are giving me a RUSH of BLOOD TO THE HEAD and DON'T'CHA KNOW IT, loomer. :D
    I did loom, and it's flaming marvellous! Sound quality is excellent which was worth the upgrade in itself for me. None of the extra mixes are 100% essential but I'm very happy to have them indeed.
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