Melanie C returns - Melanie C (2020 album & singles)

oh Mel

Music icon Melanie C reveals she used to “wish she was a lesbian” in new interview
We stan Melanie C around these parts!
Music legend and beloved Spice Girl, Melanie C has opened about her sexuality in a brand new interview.

Speaking to Closer magazine, the songstress states: “I have friends who have only got to know me later on and they’re like ‘There was no question in my mind that you were a lesbian.”

She continued: “It’s so funny, I’ve had lesbians say to me, ‘You are a lesbian’ and I’m like ‘I’m so confused, I don’t think I am, but maybe I am?’ I don’t give it much thought.”

Although Mel C is straight, the singer-songwriter doesn’t mind when people assume her sexuality.

“But, I really don’t mind being called a lesbian. There have been times in my life where I’ve thought, ‘I wish I was a lesbian.'”

Since debuting as Sporty Spice in the 90s the I Turn To You singer has shown support for the LGBTQ+ community.

In an interview with the Guardian, she reflected on her time with Sink the Pink, and how it’s helped to open her eyes.

“I mean, Jesus Christ, can you imagine growing up feeling like you’re in the wrong body?” she asked, before adding: “We have to move on.

“Things change. Thank goodness people are able to be who they truly feel they are rather than living miserable lives or secret lives. It’s something that has to be acknowledged and addressed.”

Mel C has also expressed her love for the LGBTQ+ community in her track banging track High Heels.

“High Heels was inspired by the time I spent with my gorgeous friends at Sink The Pink,” Mel C explained.

“From the first moment I set foot in their fantastic club, I was blown away by the warmth and inclusivity of the atmosphere that had been created. It was a place where anyone could be themselves, whomever they were, while feeling completely relaxed about being so.

“High Heels is also frivolous riot of a song, encapsulating an amazing night out and everything that goes into getting yourself ready for it!”

As part of the Spice Girls, Melanie C achieved nine UK number one singles and 85 million record sales.

She also had a huge solo career, with hits such as Northern Star, When You’re Gone (with Bryan Adams), Next Best Superstar, Never Be the Same Again (with Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes) and I Turn To You – the latter two of which reached number one.
The Kween continues to RISE :disco:

bitch looks great

I feel MELLY C may be being primed for the Voice UK female judging seat if the KIDS show goes well and Ann Marie inevitably gets booked up with TOURING AND FESTZ next year if the world gets back to normal
It does kind of slap in the sense of it’s good, and also in the sense that she’s using unnecessary force. I think the original vocal had a nicer quality for its lightness.

Sorry Cassandra I misunderstood :(
Queen of US Clubs.

At least she didn't wheel out I Turn To You another fucking time.
I was going to go, but I thought it was £88 for 2 tickets and not just one :D
Ticketmaster still has some general admission tickets available for Glasgow at £22. I was checking to see where all she was playing. I’d go for that.
FINALLY listened to this - certainly a lot more commercial that I thought it would be, almost to its detriment as it feels like it's chasing some the trends I don't like these days, those re-sampling of vocals high-pitched or low-pitched is not the one. It's especially weird then they pitch down her voice so it sounds like Hulk Melanie.

There were some good singles, so it's good to see. She's got a weird habit now though, some of the endings of words sound really odd. Like in "Here I am", where she says "I found strength within my weakness", that NESS sounds so yorpy and horrid :D that feels like a nitpick but she does it a LOT and I can't unhear it now. She can do runs but it can sound really bleeuuhhh
There's a SPORTYS 50 gig tonight isn't there? Can't belive its ten years since her 40th one and the QUEEN NAT duet of Pure Shores with Shaz-Bags seething from the VIP section surrounded by a screeching Kate Thornton and Dame Tamsin Outhwaite :disco:

YES! A friend actually snatched tickets (From the Facebook Group I believe) and he's been sending me pics, it looks like a full house.
There's a SPORTYS 50 gig tonight isn't there? Can't belive its ten years since her 40th one and the QUEEN NAT duet of Pure Shores with Shaz-Bags seething from the VIP section surrounded by a screeching Kate Thornton and Dame Tamsin Outhwaite :disco:

Guests apparently include Emma Bunton and both Appleton :disco: performing Viva Forever, SUYL and WDYTA
Yeah both sisters came out for a song or two. To be honest it was all a bit self indulgent, like Emma’s Xmas bash in 2022. Constantly wheeling out ‘friends’ just to get an applause and then do a random song with them before shoving someone else on stage. At least it wasn’t as bad as Emma and bringing out your kids and husband and doing three or four songs with them.

But she is still a brilliant performer and seems to thoroughly enjoy it which made it a good show overall. I really like Koko as a venue as well.
This was just recommended to me on YouTube :D I didn't even know it had happened! So cute. The thing that struck me the most was - how are they all 50 (ish) ?? :o


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