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  • I am just beginning a lengthy Geru write-up for my countdown. You have been warned!
    Have you seen the pics of Queen Lizzie at Wireless?

    She's so youthful. I'm hoping I look as good as her when I hit 24.
    Whatever it is, it's a WINNING LOOK. Run was fine, but only because I got the bus back after two thirds of my planned route! :D x
    It starts Monday October 10th.

    It also stars Gary Cockerill ( I swear I had no idea when I mentioned them in your Moopyrate) and Emma B. You can't get any better than that.
    hello my darling, I have just read about your awful day. I hope your friend is better xxxxx
    I've had it fot a few weeks now :D

    All excellent promo for OLIVIER WINNING HIT WEST END MUSICAL Arm Candy
    HALLI BABE! pm youe addy me and I will senf youu a christmas card too!! xx
    No, I just had a bit of beef so it's private for a bit until it's sorted out. I sent you an invite
    ***********NEWS FLASH**********

    Thank you for voting in Moopyrate 12. You have been entered into the £50 prize draw which will be occuring from 8pm this Sunday, Nov 16th.

    Be sure to log in to see if you've won the jackpot or one of the other prizes on offer :o

    *********END OF BULLETIN**********
    Dear Halli,

    I am bored.

    Lots of love

    You should have come, it was ace
    Actually book from ticketweb and use the promo code WTGIRL376, it's a bit cheaper!
    Alreet pet; have a look on see tickets! x
    Halli my love, do you want us to order you a ticket for Robyn?
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