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Oct 14, 2009
Hope you can join! As usual, the album will be revealed shortly before we start, but I promise you this - it's better than Ring Ring. :)


It's Arrival!

I’m not sure ABBA realised at the time just what an appropriate title they had come up with for this album, which really was the band’s true arrival in every sense. It was their arrival as a world-conquering group, with the peak of their worldwide success coming with this album campaign, and some of their biggest hits being a part of it.

It also marks their arrival at what the world came to know and love as “the ABBA sound.” After a trio of albums that saw them gradually finding their groove, they had finally discovered what worked for them on this album of wall to wall hooky, glossy, sugary pop.

The actual songwriting might not have reached the levels of sophistication it later would (hi Dum Dum Diddle), but if you had to distil what the world knows as ABBA into one album, surely Arrival would be it.

We’ll be doing the 10-track album, plus Fernando (recorded in the Arrival sessions but ultimately a standalone single) and Happy Hawaii (B-side to Knowing Me, Knowing You).

Hit play at 8!

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Think I may still be on my way home from work then, but I'll certainly be listening*, if not contributing much.

* unless it's Waterloo
It’s going to be tight for me as well now actually so let’s move back to 8pm.
Just updating the first post with tonight's album, although the more astute among you may have figured it out...
I'm listening. My first album other than their new one
why are they wearing American football shirts?
I can forgive them when that "One of these days!" bridge comes in.
I go back and forth on Dancing Queen. It's Hen Party Hell but the ultimate Abba track all at the same time. That beginning piano and first verse can NOT be denied at least a shuffle.
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I really need to invest in an emergency tambourine.
Clearly a classic, but I don't think its the ABBA song I would choose to put on
I like this one and also how devastated Agnetha looks in the video
ABBA's first really great ballad in my opinion. Even Meryl Streep's ghost couldn't ruin it completely.
It's dawning me that I actually don't really know this album at all. The least out of the ones we've done do far anyway. Maybe the singles are just that big?
Dum Dum Diddle is so much better than I was fearing from the title
Knowing Me, Knowing You is maybe my favorite ABBA song
Dum Dum Diddle is so often held up as an example of the very worst of ABBA. The lyrics are pretty shocking but it's still a really solid pop song. There's plenty worse on the early albums.

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