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  • The Kelly remix album leaked, and it's SURPRISINGLY good. Very Fun For Europe, I'll take it you'll love it. (I wanted to tell you this but didn't want to bump the Kelly thread again)
    Please restrict your country intake to Carrie Underwood and occasionally Miranda Lambert like any self-respecting gay!
    I love that it was a Philippines exclusive (just like half of Mandy Moore's discography). It's perfectly pleasant but the Britney album just lacks the HIGHS (IAS4U aside) that the later albums each have a clutch of. And I think it's a bit tainted for me as it was the first time her brand seemed to be tarnished a bit by poor press and a relatively shoddy campaign. It's eons better than the preceding two albums but the singles were exceptionally chosen (and iconic) before that point. "Let Me Be", "Lonely", "Cinderella" are my album cuts of choice, however. You're right though in that this was the moment where Britney was straddling that 'girl next door' and 'sex kitten' line to a TEE. If only the shit Joan Jett cover, botched single schedule and Crossroads didn't ruin it.
    True, but I think once you've had your biggest hit singing the POKEMON THEME TUNE, you're never going to enjoy much longevity. 'Everything' really should have been much bigger though.

    Marit Larsen has had a very successful solo career since, she's gone quite country singer-songwritery. Have you heard If A Song Could Get Me You? I think it was #1 in Germany and Radio 2 played it for a bit.
    It's very American radio circa 2004. Half of the songs would have been hits for Michelle Branch.
    I dug out the second M2M album today. One I bought years ago and never ever played.

    It's very good.
    OMG I Love your new Avatar! Tell me if you'd like more hot pics of the obvious hot one out of those two
    It kind of DOES feel like it's been that long. Although it did feel weird when she popped out a BABY. Yeah this year and next year is the ten year anniversary for loads of our favorites, Avril, Kelly, Michelle Branch, Vanessa, Stacey, Jessica Simpson's career revival. I'm still waiting for the Greatest Hits packages of these females (not Hillary, we've already gotten TWO of those).
    Just in: Rock Mafia is remixing "My Dilemma" for its apparent single release. It seems they're just letting "Hit the Lights" die, it managed top 50 on pop radio but stalled. I don't see this doing any better but a 4th single from a Selena Gomez album is good news enough for me
    I keep forgetting that "So Yesterday" is the one I love, it's "Why Not" that should be destroyed forever.

    "Say OK", retarded lyrics aside, is one of the more gorgeous Summertime Disney-related numbers, I think.
    Brighton is fabulous. It's an entertainment city. Whilst the amount of gay pubs and bars is not on a London scale, the gay population is massive. Other nightlife wise it's endless. There's not enough time to know everywhere. It's got over 1,000 licensed premises. Also has a few major music venues, so we often get big names down here. Shopping wise it's also fabulous. From high street to bespoke, rich or poor, it really is like a mini London. It's a small city, which is to it's benefit - it's also packed. It has a few flaws (fuck seagulls and tourists), but otherwise I always recommend Brighton. People normally come here once and end up living here... I did!
    HAI, Slave. Apologies for the lack of response. I've just had a dandy few days up in Edinburgh getting visited by a friend and my flatmate moving her stuff in. Saw two Fringe shows, treated to chinese banquet with copious amounts of wine, went clubbing and danced until quarter past four. Then today I went inside a big inflatable art installation thing called the "Mirazozo" and also to the National Gallery's "The Queen: Art and Image" exhibition. All very fabulous.

    How are YOU doing? It's so very nice to get a visitor message here and there.
    Well at least Mary can offset her rubbishness, she IS good in it right? I don't know why I'm asking given she is marvellous in everything I've seen her in, especially The Closer (I don't suppose you watch it?).
    I presume this is Home & Away you are referring too? Maybe she's (semi) good at fucking for roles :disco:
    I've just wiki'd her and I had no idea she had done so much work! I always assumed she was one of the rather amusingly awful bit part actors who never landed anything of any substance.
    I was planning on watching the episodes with Mary McDonnell in them (for no other reason than she is in them, it sounds less odd in my head :(). What season are they from?
    I've only watched a handful of episodes from the first season so granted my summation could be entirely off and usually S1 isn't a great way to judge a show anyway. I didn't particularly warm to anyone else though, so maybe it just isn't for me.
    It is melodramatic rubbish and Meredith Grey is one of the most hateful characters I have ever come across on any TV show.
    ***********GREAT MOOPY PRIZE DRAW***********
    Congratulations on being entered into the Great Moopy Prize Draw to be held this Sunday evening (20.3.2011)
    Make sure you are around for your chance to win BIG prizes!
    I have two surgeries which are a bit out of the centre, but my office is just across the road from Cabot Circus, so I usually pop in a couple of times each week. If I see you again, I won't let you escape!
    I thought it was you! No, I only popped in for a takeaway and just sort of did a double take on the way out. But you looked fairly involved and I was on my way to work so I thought best not to interrupt.
    Were you in Costa in Cabot Circus lunchtime today, by any chance? You've got a doppelganger if not!
    Could you have a look at the train tickets thread in lifestyle please, I need some Bath advice!
    hi doll

    can you pm me your address please? i don't seem to have it :(

    thanks xxx
    :D Thankyou Slave. And you know what they say about haters

    Well actually I have no idea so I'm just going to say they're JEALOUS that they couldn't see the understated GENIUS in that album!
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