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Voyage: What WILL the next single be?

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Jan 17, 2008
Between war and denial
There's likely to be another single in the new year. What will it be?

Choose the song that you think WILL be for next single, rather than what you would like to be the best single, okrr.

Maximum two choices.
I think When You Dance With Me if the obvious choice but I can totally see them going with I Can Be The Woman for some reason - radio 2 play?
I don't see why ICBTW should garner Radio 2 airplay any more than most of the rest of the album. That said, I do think it will be that or WYDWM.

If you think of the album or cassette, ICBTW is first track side two, whereas WYDWM would mean every track on side one had been a single.
I think it will be ‘When You Danced With Me‘ but I’d like it to be ‘No Doubt About It’ so that the final single from the album/ever finishes with the line, ‘This isn’t where it ends’.
No Doubt About It sounds the most ABBA to me and they should finish the singles with that if it’s the last one. I’m not here for faux Irish music.
. I’m not here for faux Irish music.

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