The Moopy Moderator Election 2023 - Nominations Thread

Continue Mod Election nominations until December 3rd?

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I find it strange my remarks have had an impact on this thing. I wish it wasn’t the case.

@Suomi judging by your thoughtful post it seems you would make an excellent moderator.
Have the admin team considered whether this is actually the right time to do this and maybe delay it by a week or two. There's no rush is there?
Have the admin team considered whether this is actually the right time to do this and maybe delay it by a week or two. There's no rush is there?
If people want it delayed I'm not fussed. But tbh, is anyone going to stand in two weeks that isn't already standing now?
If people want it delayed I'm not fussed. But tbh, is anyone going to stand in two weeks that isn't already standing now?

Tensions are high. You might get a couple more nominations in a couple of weeks, and people might vote more objectively. Beverly might change his mind.
Having reflected, i don’t really want to stand. I don’t like the way that Beverly was treated when he said he wanted to withdraw. I listen closely to what HSH says about the experience of being black and global majority, in that everything can be an endless debate and you don’t get a pass with anything. The bad faith readings Beverley got don’t sit well with me, and I feel really bad for him that he felt this wasn’t a safe space. HSH left because he didn’t want to have to stay and explain the impact of the n-word and ‘defend’ his feelings. I think it’s worth reflecting on why two non-white posters have left because they don’t want to debate their feelings - I think when your lived experience is one where no ‘free passes’, I imagine the energy you have for it online in your free time is limited.

There is an element to all this about having the luxury of being able to take part in a debate that doesn’t personally affect you, and how this can influence how you view and take part in conversations. With the Israel-Gaza thread I think there’s a sensitivity for certain posters that have (and haven’t!) posted in there because they have family/friend/religious connections that mean engaging with the topic comes with a lot more weight to it. I don’t think gggggg should have said fuck you - and I think if you went by the rules set out in the first post then him being banned wasn’t a surprise - but I do think the best way of handling it would have been to have recognised the intensity of emotion that this was having on gggggg and given him a private word, not a potentially humiliating banning. By the same token, Beverley posting the content he was posting was done with the intention of bearing witness to the unfolding atrocities, and if people were feeling intimidated maybe a private word with him too would have been helpful instead of saying it after.

Respect to the people who want to moderate but I only really want to engage with content on here that makes me lmao etc and I think a good moderator needs to be ready to engage with everything from fun to serious. GOOD LUCK to the other candidates xx
This was the most thoughtful post in this entire thread.

I'd say let' elect some Mods while people are still standing and things are still somewhat calm. Then if there's need we can run an extra election in January.
Tensions are high. You might get a couple more nominations in a couple of weeks, and people might vote more objectively. Beverly might change his mind.
I think we'd need to wait a couple months rather than a couple of weeks to have a meaningful impact.

And there are advantages to having a (potentially) bigger mod team sooner rather than later in terms of breadth of opinion on the mod team.
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And apologies to everyone for my soapbox on Friday. I have my own angle on what moopy should be and it was challenged and I spoke up about it in defence of people. I was heavy handed. I said when I came back 3 years ago I would take a back seat these days and I have done that, up until this week. I still have my opinions but I was unintentionally pushing the knife to make a point even though it was never personal.

Yes best scenario is the current mod team plus a couple of fresh faces.
I think the conversation in itself was worthwhile but was blown out of proportion. Apologies for adding to that everyone and I do hope I didn't contribute to Bev leaving.
I've asked the others in the mod forum. I'm against an extension, but not especially strongly.

If anyone else has strong feelings and reasons for a delay, say so, but I think getting some new blood sooner is better than waiting two weeks.
I am still running, but I think it might be best to delay this a bit.

To be completely honest, I’m not really sure how I would have handled the Israel/Gaza thread, especially given that I have somewhat a connection to it. I don’t want Beverley to leave, and what @Suomi posted resonated with me. There’s been a lot of criticism of current mods, some of which I agree with more than others, but they did seem to be acting in good faith. I don’t want to say a topic can’t be discussed here at all, since this is such a good place to discuss things. But I also don’t know a better solution.

The election can continue if that’s decided, but I think some time for things to settle down might be best
I'll just say that the criticism (at least from me) wasn't against the mods being mods, it was over specific decisions being made.

I'm not pressing upon the idea of a delay, it was just an idea that could be floated and considered.
I mean we're up from the THREE currently on the team. Presuming most of them qualify.
I'm extending the deadline 24 hours, and have added a poll for a further two week delay.
I'm going to abstain on voting whether or not we should delay. I can see arguments either way, and given I'm one of the candidates most likely to be knocked out, it doesn't feel right to try to sway the consensus.
This has happened during a particularly contentious period on the forum. It could be seen as a useful test for potential candidates or just off putting during an abnormally heightened period of tension. Losing Bev is rubbish, both as a poster and potential mod as he provides a voice that few others on the forum offer. Suomi would have also provided a different angle.

I'd rather a new team got settled in ASAP. But if a delay is necessary so be it.
So are y'all saying that the recent events on Moopy have put people OFF running? Or the opposite?

I'm not sure a delay will achieve anything, but I guess we have nothing to lose, right?
Am worried that the more we delay this the more chances for sth else to pop up again and further discourage people who offered to run
Quite. I've been on the verge of pulling out. The recent expectations and criticisms of the mod team have clearly not been good for mental health and I do wonder if I could manage if shit goes down when I'm having down time. Although I suspect I'm unlikely to pass the confidence vote.

The Gaza Israel war isn't stopping any time soon and neither are the many varied opinions on it. We need to bulk up the team, not end up with even fewer.
I am strongly for running the election now. We need new blood and I don't want to wait.

Equally happy to run a supplementary election in 6 months time for 1/2 more additional people. Can't imagine there will be any more than that.
I think press on with it.

Tensions are high and this situation is pretty exceptional. I'm sure if anyone reconsiders who has dropped out, or others who have just been reluctant to put themselves forward, we can give them the courtesy of considering that further down the line, like Indie says.
Arguably, this has shown what the job can be like - this is Moopy at its most intense and the demands on the 'staff' have been very high. It shouldn't be a "can you handle it?" type of situation but it does happen and, personally, I crumbled faster than a Flake that had been in the fridge and took the whole thing totally personally. Which isn't the right character for the role.
I am pretty confident all candidates will get over 50% so I would say let’s just get on with it and get more mods on the job as we are severely lacking right now.
Sorry, I've been horrendously ill for the past couple of days so I've not been able to join in the discussion. My two penn'orth is just to run this one now and, as @Indie says, invite nominations for additional mods in a few weeks.

We only have three mods at the minute so we urgently need more, anyway.
Looks like Moopy has voted no to a further extension.

When the poll officially closes, I will launch the voting thread. That means you have ONE HOUR if you want to undertake a last minute nomination.

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