Gay Christmas Eve Rewatch: Eurovision 2005 (Now a private Soldi sync listen)


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Apr 1, 2020
Here’s a Wogan-free stream! Featuring delights such as CHIARA (part two), The Romanian angle grinders, Wig Wam, Shiri Maimon, Javine, Nanne Grönvall, Angelica Agurbash, Selma and of course HELENA! :disco:

Be here for 20:00 BST, just after @Suomi‘s long awaited One Touch sync listen!
Yeah here for this.

I did suddenly think of a DRUNK ABBA WATCH could have been fun, but that SHIP HAS SAILED.
Do we know WHAT'S ON? That Eurovision Village website is a nightmare on a phone
The folk at Eurovision really need to put on something on a Friday night. A GH show or summat.
I've never been blown away by 2005; I might give Fire Saga another watch.
Doesn't sound like there's overwhelming demand for 2005.

I'll go with whatever, a re-watch we haven't done or any year of ALL-OUT CLASSIC BANGERS.
Is anyone watching this or will I be having another private rewatch? :eyes:
I am afraid I will be spending my evening with boring non-eurovision friends, but please accept my contributions as follows:

If there is a ballad: "Piss Break"
If there is a banger: "YAAAAAAAAAS"
If there is a Whiff of the Souk: "Well this is the best so far"
If Soldi likes France or Italy: "Typical Soldi Bullshit."
I’ll live!

Currently dancing with my tits out to JAVINE :disco:
Enter this in the next round of ASFM, love. You will be on to a winner. Thank me later. Xox

There is also THIS which has kept me very entertained for the past 45 minutes:

I might give Fire Saga another watch.

OMG i watched two thirds of this for the FIRST TIME EVER earlier, and now on earth did Moldova’s Anna Odobescu get SUCH a big part in the Eurovision contestants medley alongside actual winners and legends??! :D I was SO CONFUSED!

Sorry this is not for David 5000 to answer specifically, more a general MUSING!
Did you hear that Lebanon withdrew?!

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