Eurovision rewatch: Belgrade 2008 (20/06, 20:00 BST)


I need a round of decompress
Feb 3, 2006
Really looking forward to this one!

I'll be watching, but I suspect this might be a bit of a quiet thread.
I'll be watching, but I suspect this might be a bit of a quiet thread.
Probably; I'm definitely watching though. And keeping an eye on FDS of course.
They'll probably all stumble in drunk in an hour or so.
Harry Potter seems to have gotten on the pills.
I’d forgotten this version, I need to look it up when this is done
You have admire the Serbs for going for such subtle and restrained staging here.
I love the stage but that actual performance plinth is tiny!
2008 was probably my looniest year in terms of Eurovision.
For a moment there, I though the hosts were going to say 'the biggest fireworks display in Belgrade since the NATO bombing'.
I wonder if we'd have done better if we had sent Michelle Gayle.
Albania feels like it would have been improved with a lower cut top.
I’d forgotten how weak the opening of this year is. I guess that means all the BANGERS are compacted later on
I used to really like No Angels. But this song was pants.
I still want to know who this Kelly girl she keeps going on about is.

But, yes, a big improvement.
Is this the best ever Armenian entry?
Oh, what the fuck is happening now? This performance can surely only end in a knife murder.
Apparently they’re brother and sister!
02 Romania
03 U.K.
02 Albania
09 Germany - this is good I swear :(
08 Armenia
10 Bosnia-Herzgovina
Bold decision for Finland to go back to this well so soon. Given their recent entries, they should do it again.
Oh not this insufferable tit AGAIN
I assume he’s just hurling racial epithets from the side of the stage?
I’ll be honest this year isn’t as amazing as I remember so far.

but then I know what’s still to come so there’s hope!
Right now we’re onto one of my favourite Eurovision songs of all time.

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