Eurovision 2006: HD REWATCH (31/07)


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Feb 3, 2004
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So they're doing 2006 again on Saturday, but in HD quality for the first time ever. I bet Carola can't WAIT :disco:

I don’t have any plans for Saturday so I might join for this.

I have 2006 down as quite a good year in my books. The nice Norwegian lady, Las Ketchup flopping, Texas Lightning, that Bosnian one, Anna Vissi, Tina Karol, SEVERINA :disco: and the ugly fucking bitch from Sweden is MORE than enough to drag it out of the poor category.

Not to mention an early appearance of the one and only :hostage: as well as the likes of Belgium, Iceland and Estonia that didn’t get through.
And that’s why you get drunk before the show starts :disco:
Hope Europe won't vote for some UGLY PEOPLE frrrrrom FINLAND that don't even have a rrrreal make up artist :evil:

We have it on with a group of my straight friends. No idea how we've got away with it
It’s officially the first moopy poster to take to the Eurovision stage :disco:

Come ‘ome @dazsampson
Me, figuring out how old @Soldi was in 2006:

Thinking Think GIF by Rodney Dangerfield
"Show Me Your Love" surely was one of the biggest glow-ups from studio to live EVER.

A turd on record I'd NEVER listen to but she sold the FUCK out of it on stage. :disco:

And here comes UNA HEALY!
Now it’s in HD we’ll be able to see Carola lobbing a plant pot into the audience again.

Still bitter over some of these AMATEURS making it to the finals over our SILV.

She's much better than all of the other Eurotrash NATIONS :disco:
12 Greece
10 Bosnia & Herzegovina
08 Romania
07 Croatia
06 Finland
05 Norway
04 Ukraine
03 Sweden
02 Germany
01 Turkey
It’s actually quite a good year once you get past that first four that make you want to jump into the bath with a toaster.
12 Bosnia & Herzegovina
10 Croatia
08 Romania
07 Norway
06 Finland
05 Ukraine
04 Sweden
03 Greece
02 Germany
01 Russia

Really good bunch of songs, though this is more based on performances on the night.
I think I’ll watch Helena perform Mambo then CALL IT A NIGHT considering the voting was on the dull side.
The Twitter fandom is FULL OF PAEDOS so I wouldn’t bother caring about what THEY think :eyes:
It wouldn't make a list of my personal favourites, but I think Lordi are one of the most important winners of the 21st century in terms of giving the Contest a shot of pop culture relevance at a point when it was getting increasingly fringe-y.

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