Eurovision 1997 LATE NIGHT REWATCH (11:40 GMT, 20/02)

Well Tanja, we all really liked you at the interview but we don't think you're quite right for the company
I was expecting a bit more from Edina Monsoon at Eurovision to be honest
I do like this but their later work once they renamed themselves XXL was even better
We're all here joking but there actually the Dutch PUSSYCAT DOLLS

According to Wikipedia

Saskia van Zutphen
Paulette Willemse
Marjolein Spijkers
Linda Caminita

Past members
Suzanne Venneker
Ellen van Harmelen
Ellen Pieters
Melline Mollerus
Linda Snoeij
Joke van der Hoek
@Suomi that's a really bad idea btw I did that for Alphabeat - Fascination when I was 16 and then one morning I had to wake up in a graveyard

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