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is that all it TAKES these days? he presents himself like a curdled pube. but then she's always liked basic white bread.
lots of hints lately that she's been working flat out on this and is in the final stages of recording. summer/Q3 lead single?

rumour is the lead single is coming next month. apparently she just got a radical new haircut (:D) that will debut with it.
Her whole Spotify profile has been updated.

All her albums/single covers have this effect on them making them look like distorted mirrors :disco:

OMG is a new ERA upon us??
she's been using butterfly emojis everywhere for so long now - some people thinking the album is called Chaos Theory

If it's called Chaos Theory, she has to do an orchestral version called String Theory.
I mean if you're going to be boring singing about your day, at least do it with some kind of creativity and make it a bit abstract, like "6.04pm: Feed Cat" or "It's Green Bin Day and I Forgot To Buy Bags"

She even makes being boring sound boring!
this is now coming next Thursday, Nov 9th. apparently the single is actually called Houdini or Disappear.
So is that "Houdini" or "Disappear" or "Houdini or Disappear" because PLEASE be "Houdini or Disappear" .
So is that "Houdini" or "Disappear" or "Houdini or Disappear" because PLEASE be "Houdini or Disappear" .
It's Houdini , or Disappear, or Houdini or Disappear (Dua's Version)

completely with the catchy acronym HODOHOD-DV

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