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:D at Henry saying they’d get together and Jordan just sat there like :hostage:
Ah those were the days of Back Door evictions. Glad to see them back.
I know it's been said but it IS weird that most days what happens in the house before 10pm will be, like, a whole one hour show... apart from on Fridays when it becomes 30 seconds and a brief montage in the Sunday night show AT MOST
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And I know Wales is a sheltered village, but do Jenkin and Chanelle REALLY think there's no chance whatsoever of an anti-trans vote?
To be fair Kerry how many of those four and a half thousand staff would be bothered/have time/be on shift to go and get that ice cream.
I’ll make sure to stop seeing a patient having a heart attack to get an ice cream at work tomorrow. THANKS KERRY.
Noky's starting to get boring, in the sense that I feel she's clearly restraining herself cause I do suspect she worries about PR and her image.
"Kerry, the way it's going to impact the rest of my life"

Did anyone tell Olivia there's only 3 weeks left, not an eternity in the house? :D
Someone let me know who’s up for eviction bc I cba to watch Late & Live xx
unless we're getting an EXCLUSIVE of the task but no names from the sound of the intro on Late and Live.

Gonna miss Oti, she really loves the show and is great fun on L&L this week. Hope they bring her back for more episodes/next season.
He has to be removed for that surely? Hopefully Olivia doesn’t entertain it.
They're bringing Farida back for an hour apparently via something along the lines of "Talking Magical Mirror" :D

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